Floor sanding is a popular part of any home renovation or DIY project, helping you to achieve a smooth and even finish for classically stylish exposed floorboards. At Newcastle Floor Sanding, we understand that some of our clients wish to choose floor sanding hire and complete the work themselves. With a selection of the latest floor sanding machines for hire in Newcastle and Northumberland, you’ll have everything you need to carry out your floor sanding smoothly and successfully.

Our floor sander rental is an affordable way to achieve high quality results in your home or workplace.

Our floor sanding hire opens up endless possibilities

Floor sander rental gives you a number of benefits to enjoy, as well as the peace of mind that you’re in control of your floors at all times. Enjoy:

  • Complete your floor sanding at a time and pace that suits you
  • Improve the appearance and value of your home at an affordable price
  • Use the latest floor sanding machines from the world’s leading manufacturers

With the team at Newcastle Floor Sanding available to offer you impartial and professional advice at any point, you can enjoy the beautiful results of your floor sanding.

Why choose floor sanding hire from Newcastle Floor Sanding?

The team at Newcastle Floor Sanding understand just how much a difference it can make having high quality equipment, and we only rent out floor sanding machines made by the best manufacturers in the world. We’re dedicated to helping all our clients achieve beautifully sanded floors, and whether you’re sanding your home or workplace, you can rely on us to answer any query you may have.

Once your floor sanding is complete, we’ll be more than happy to help you choose from a range of environmentally-friendly seals and lacquers that will prevent your floors from suffering damage and ensure your flooring is the exact colour you want.


For more information about our floor sander rental, including price, simply give the team at Newcastle Floor Sanding a call on 0191 906 6447 / 07946 439 594 or send us a message online.